About ⚡ ShockGames

ShockGames was created with a single goal in mind: to disprove the outdated idea that Virtual Private Servers are unsuitable for gaming. Since then, we’ve grown to become a major player in the GTA V and game hosting industries.


ShockGames was inspired by a frustrating search for gaming-focused Virtual Private Servers. It became clear quickly why gaming communities have long advised against using a VPS for game servers: the ones available were either underpowered, overpriced, or both. During our research, we discovered that the majority of VPS providers use older enterprise-grade processors that are not suitable for gaming. The providers who did have fast hardware were horrendously overpriced. ShockGames was created to demonstrate that you can have it all: fast, dedicated hardware at a reasonable price.

Our mission is to continue to offer high-performance game hosting and Virtual Private Servers to both gamers and non-gamers at reasonable and long-term prices. To provide you with the best performance, uptime, and overall experience, we only work with top-rated and dependable datacenters and hardware vendors. All of this is topped off with excellent customer service. ShockGames is constantly striving to improve and respond to customer feedback. Please contact us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.